June 15th, 2011

So here we are again

Remember that list i was supposed to make? well here it is.

Bringing back AV 14 in a big way.

(warning: i’m a total dick)

Current break down is as follows:

Mephiston, Lord of deff

Furioso Dreadnaught - Blood Talons

Storm Raven gunship - Multi-Melta, and Lascannon

5 Man Assault Squad - Power weapon and Melta gun

5 Man Assault Squad - Power weapon, Melta bomb, and Melta gun

5 Man Assault Squad - Power fist, and Melta gun

Laz/Plas Razorback

Laz/Plas Razorback

Godhammer Land raider

5 Assault Termies - 3 Lightnin Claws, and 2 Thunda Hammers

Land Raider Crusader

Total: 1750

some troops



And shooting. lots of shooting.


June 14th, 2011

Getting fisted

Rocked out 5 of 25 terminators today. And a scout too (oh crap I forgot to take a picture). I’m pretty pleased. You should be too ‘cause how the fuck do you not get excited about Imperial Fists? DORN!

June 14th, 2011

Yo dawg, I herd you like venoms

So I put venoms in you list so you could herp while you derp.

My new Dark Eldar army is all about venoms, chicks and Lelith being a way to awesome model. After seeing the new model and my hate for Lance spam I decided I must have this army, so I had a impulse buy moment and bought venoms, warriors and wyches and began making an army list for them. Mid way through I had a longing for Sisters of Battle and decided to make all my Dark Eldar female to fill that void.

None the less the list looks something like this

(HQ)Lelith Hesperax

(HQ)Succubus w/Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Haywire Grenades

(EI)2x Trueborn (5 man) 4x Shardcarbine, 1x Blaster, (Transport) Venom w/Splinter Cannon

(EI)1x Bloodbrides (3 man) 1x Hydra Gauntlets, 1x Syren w/Venom Blade, Haywire Grenades, (Transport) Venom w/Splinter Cannon

(TR)3x Warriors (5 man) 1x Blaster, (Transport) Venom w/Splinter Cannon

(TR)3x Wyches (5 man) 1x Hydra Gauntlets, Haywire Grenades, (Transport) Venom w/Splinter Cannon

(FA)3x Reavers (3 man) 1x Blaster

Well that’s it for the list at 1750pts with it actually equaling 1748pts just wanted to use alot of venoms and keep a speedy theme going filling out most of the slots. The list is meant to be able to take on anything while being able to move at terrible speeds. The 5+ inv that comes with each venom makes up for there super fragile state, but every unit in the list can slice through infantry and make a mess of any vehicle in the game.

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